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Greater Chicago Food Depository unveils new mission statement

Mission puts emphasis on ending hunger and addressing its root causes

The Greater Chicago Food Depository’s board of directors recently approved a new mission statement that will guide the organization’s work going forward.

“Our mission is to end hunger.

We believe food is a basic human right. To achieve our mission, we work in partnership with a network of community-based organizations and individuals. Together, we connect our neighbors with healthy food, lift our voices and advance solutions that address the root causes of hunger – poverty, systemic inequity, and structural racism. Together, we are greater. Together, we can end hunger.”

The new mission statement reflects the Food Depository’s commitment to creating a hunger-free community where every person has the food they need to thrive. The evolution of the mission was influenced by a greater understanding of the needs of its neighbors and the root causes of food insecurity across Chicago and Cook County.

See our mission in action

Following approval of the new mission statement, Food Depository leadership engaged staff in creating new values. These values reflect who the Food Depository is and what it takes to achieve the mission to end hunger:

  • We center our work on our neighbors who face hunger
  • We work for justice
  • We are inclusive
  • We are courageous

Since 1979, the Food Depository has worked to provide food for anyone at risk of hunger in Chicago and Cook County. Over time, the organization has expanded in scope, scale and partnerships. Its previous mission statement was Providing food for hungry people while striving to end hunger in our community. This statement served the Food Depository well through recessions, a pandemic and the daily crisis of food insecurity.

The new mission statement empowers the Food Depository to continue its daily work of providing food for all people at risk of hunger. It also confirms a commitment to address the root causes of hunger through advocacy, public benefits outreach, and partnerships that increase food access while creating economic opportunity for communities and individuals that experience food insecurity.

The work of the Food Depository is made possible by thousands of donors, volunteers, community partners and advocates. The Food Depository team believes the new mission will inspire its community as they work toward a future where every person and family in Chicago and Cook County is free from hunger.

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