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Mushrooms are a rich source of B vitamins, selenium and copper.
Did you know?
When fresh mushrooms are exposed to sunlight, they make vitamin D, just like humans!
  • Sometimes referred to as “toadstools,” mushrooms are classified as vegetables and come in a variety of colors from milky white to brown.
  • In general, mushrooms have an earthy, woody flavor. Some varieties may taste nuttier or meatier.
  • Select mushrooms that are firm and smooth in appearance. The surface should be dry but not dried out.
  • 1 cup of Chanterelle mushrooms contains:
    • 10% of your recommended daily value of iron to promote healthy circulation and overall development.
    • 7% of your recommended daily value of potassium to support kidney and heart function.

Wash and dry before eating it. Cut in half through the stem, and slice each half.

Try mushrooms:

  • Sautéed as a side for meat, fish or pasta dishes
  • Sliced and used as a topping for pizzas and toasted sandwiches
  • Cut up and added to soups, stews and rice dishes like risotto
  • To keep fresh, mushrooms need air, so they should not be stored in a tightly sealed container.
  • Place mushrooms in a small bowl of container, cover in plastic wrap, and poke holes. You can also wrap in paper towel and store inside an open plastic bag.
  • Refrigerate for up to one week to keep fresh.
How to slice mushrooms
How to slice mushrooms

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