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Eggplant is a good source of fiber, manganese and potassium.
Did you know?
Eggplants are often used as a substitute for meat in vegetarian cooking due to its texture!
  • Eggplants are in the same family as tomatoes and potatoes.
  • Eggplants have shiny purple skin with white flesh and small edible seeds.
  • Select eggplants that are small and slender.  Eggplant flesh turns bitter as the fruit matures.
  • Eggplants should be firm and shiny. If they are not, it is a sign that they are old.
  • 1 cup of cooked eggplant contains:
    • 10% of your recommended daily value of fiber to support healthy digestion.
    • 6% of your recommended daily value of manganese to help the body produce and use enzymes.

Wash and cut off the ends. The skin is edible and quite tasty.  If cooking eggplant whole, poke several small holes in it first.

Try eggplant:

  • Baked
  • Grilled over medium heat
  • Steamed on the stove top
  • Sautéed with other vegetables
  • Store whole eggplants in the refrigerator for 5-7 days.
  • Do not cut eggplants before you store, as they will go bad quickly.
How to dice an eggplant
How to dice an eggplant
How to roast an eggplant
How to roast an eggplant

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