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Cucumbers are rich in copper, potassium, vitamin B, vitamin K, vitamin C and manganese.

Did you know?
Cucumbers can grow up to 2 feet long!
  • Cucumbers are in the same family as melons and squash, and are technically a fruit.
  • Cucumbers are 90% water, are crisp and have a refreshing flavor.
  • Select firm, medium sized cucumbers that are dark in color and without blemishes.
  • 1 cup of sliced cucumber contains:
    • 22% of your recommended daily value of vitamin K to support the formation of bones, tissues and hormones.

Wash well before consuming. The peel is full of nutrients and edible. If you do not want to eat the peel, you can remove it using a knife or peeler.

Try cucumber:

  • Raw with hummus, yogurt or your favorite dip
  • Diced as part of a refreshing salsa
  • Chopped and added to a salad
  • Sliced and added to water for flavor
  • In the refrigerator: Wrap cucumbers in plastic wrap to help retain moisture. Store for a maximum of 7 days.
  • You can cut and freeze cucumbers to add to water for flavor when you need them.
How to slice a cucumber
How to slice a cucumber
How to cut sticks and dice cucumber
How to cut sticks and dice cucumber

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