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“We couldn’t do this without the Food Depository.”

This is Tolanda Morris whose outrech started a food pantry for those in need.

Yolanda Morris knows hunger is a constant worry for many households in her community.

About 16 years ago, she began making breakfast for churchgoers before Sunday services at New Mount Calvary Baptist Church where her husband is the pastor.

It wasn’t long before she realized the need for the food she was providing was greater than she had anticipated . . .

“A lot of kids came, many without their families,” Morris said. “Some of them really depended on that meal.”

Her outreach has evolved into a full food pantry that is a source of groceries for many children and families, older adults and anyone who is unsure when they will eat again.

“We’re a small congregation. Fewer than 75 members,” Yolanda says. “We couldn’t do this without the Food Depository.”

Thanks to your support, our partner organizations like New Mount Calvary can continue to reach people throughout the summer months ahead, including children and teens who no longer have access to meals they would normally receive at school.

Thank you for giving and caring. Your partnership makes it possible for the Food Depository to work each day toward ending hunger in our communities.