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Why I Walk: Rodney Precht

In anticipation of the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s 29th Annual Hunger Walk on June 21 at Soldier Field, we’re asking people what motivates them to take a step towards ending hunger. In this entry, Rodney Precht, a Food Depository volunteer, explains what motivates him to participate in the Hunger Walk.

I’ve been volunteering at the Food Depository about three times a month since 2012. It’s an adventure I never tire of going on. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’m just happy to be giving back. Whether it’s repacking cereal, or gleaning carrots, I know I’m fighting hunger. Sometimes I volunteer with a group of people from my church, but sometimes I go by myself. Either way, it’s great fun to get something accomplished and meet new people.

 Why do I do it? Because you can’t be blind to the evidence that’s right in front of you. Hunger is a real issue in our community, and volunteering is one way to make an immediate impact on hunger.

The same goes for the Hunger Walk. It’s something that anyone can do, and an adventure that’s open to everyone. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it makes a big impact. So that’s why I’m walking. It’s just my small way of saying, “Hunger has no place in our community.” And when thousands of people join me at Soldier Field on June 21, I know that small statement will add up to something big.

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