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Food without compromise

In the city of Chicago and across Cook County, there is a struggle that many face daily: affording nutritious food for their families or paying for other critical expenses.

At the Greater Chicago Food Depository, we believe food is a basic human right for all. That means no one should have to choose between buying groceries, paying rent, covering utility bills or affording medications.

Pantry guest receiving fresh food.

Pantry guest visits our partner panty, Chicago Hope.

You don’t have to explain anything to us - we understand. Life’s financial commitments can sometimes feel overwhelming and stressful, forcing our community to think that they need to consider options to get by.

For a lot of Chicago and Cook County residents, those options sometimes lead to sacrificing basic essentials like fresh, nutritious food. We’re here to tell you that giving up food should never feel like an option.

Things are sometimes out of our control. Like a costly auto accident, a job loss or having challenges with finding a safe and reliable place to lay your head. We sometimes get sick unexpectedly and are forced to cover expensive medical costs.

If any of this sounds familiar, know you are not alone and help is available, regardless of your circumstance.

Man helping woman at pantry pick food.

Partners at St. James Wabash food pantry helping neighbor select food.

Free and nutritious food is available for anyone who needs it across our network of more than 800 food pantries and programs in Chicago and Cook County.

If you find yourself making the difficult choice between buying groceries or paying rent or bills, our network is here to help you.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository offers free food without compromise, no strings attached. You can use our find food map to find a food pantry and program near you that works with your schedule.

Some sites also provide food delivery options to help those that lack access to transportation. Other locations also provide prepared meals for anyone who doesn’t have the means to prepare food at home. You won’t be turned away due to your circumstances such as legal status or criminal history.

Man receiving bag of fresh produce.

Neighbor at New Mount Calvary food pantry receiving a bag of fresh produce.

As Chicago’s food bank, we are here to connect our neighbors with food resources based on their needs. Some of our partners and programs provide support with state and federal programs such as SNAP/Link and WIC to help alleviate financial hardships.

In addition to finding healthy food at local pantries, you can learn about these benefit programs from eligibility to enrollment, and determine what best suits your needs.

Every person needs food to be healthy and thrive. If you need help finding food, know that our network of over 800 pantries and programs is here to support you so that you can keep yourself and your family nourished without compromises.

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