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Baby spinach leaves with water droplets.
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Chicago is under "Canstruction"

Copyright 2012 Leigh Loftus |

Walk into the first floor lobby of the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago and you will find Angry Birds, a giant Mr. Peanut, and an enormous eggplant (to name a few) - all entirely made out of canned goods.

The canned creations are part of the Sixth Annual Canstruction® and A-can-emy Awards benefiting the Greater Chicago Food Depository, presented by Whole Foods Market.  Last year, the event raised 96,000 pounds of canned food for Cook County families in need, making it the number one, single-day canned food drive for the Food Depository.

Copyright 2012 Leigh Loftus |

Last week, teams of local architects, engineers and construction companies worked through the night building the massive "can-structures," which will be on display, free to the public, May 3-31 at the Merchandise Mart.

Copyright 2012 Leigh Loftus |

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