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Request for Information: Food Storage Services

We’re looking for third-party partners for potential dry, refrigerated and frozen food storage services.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository is looking for third-party partners for potential dry, refrigerated and frozen food storage services.

The Food Depository is seeking a reliable, nimble and diverse local vendor partner for reoccurring storage services. Vendor(s) would be responsible for the safe storage of select food products at specified dates/times, able to grow with our needs and be flexible with real-time adjustments.

This is a request for information only and does not constitute a commitment that the Greater Chicago Food Depository will take procurement action in this matter. If interested in being considered, please submit the information below with the header ‘RFI Storage Response - [ENTER VENDOR NAME]’.

Information Requested

  • Company Overview
    • History
    • Years in business
    • Location(s)
    • Certifications (MBE, SBE, WOSM, etc.)
    • Diversity initiatives
  • Accreditation / Relevant Credentials
    • Exceptional third-party ‘Good Distribution Practice’ audit scores
    • Proof of insurance
    • Product quality guarantee
    • Food grade safety / storage qualifications (food defense plan, food certifications, proof of HACCP based food safety management system or equivalent, etc.)
  • Service Capabilities
    • Product specialties
    • Storage types (dry, refrigerated, frozen)
    • Minimum and maximum capacity by storage type at a given time
    • Shipping hours / operation hours
    • Location specs (sq. ft., equipment available, etc.)
  • Pricing
    • Pricing model(s), rates, and any fees (cost per pallet + fees for unloading/loading and/or missed appointment)
    • Any minimum requirements
    • Discounts based on timeframe, load volume, non-profit partner, etc.
    • Payment terms
  • Process
    • Process overview (how to schedule, make changes, POC, etc.)
    • Online ordering system for direct logistics requests
    • Delivery windows
    • Lead time needed for schedule changes
    • Turnaround time for new appointment request
    • Average load time

Interested in becoming a food storage partner?

Send us an email with the information above to learn more.