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Come rain, shine or snow, we have a mission to achieve

That’s part of the Food Depository staff you see setting up for a Producemobile distribution at True Vine in Dixmoor, IL. We distributed apples, lettuce, beans, carrots and bread, among other things.

Today was our quarterly Employee Day, which also doubled as our fiscal year-end celebration. Part of that is getting out into the community and volunteering. Sometimes, some of us are in the offices a lot, so this is an amazing opportunity to get our hands dirty (sometimes literally) and really experience what we do and interact with the people we serve every day.

What was special about this distribution–one of four the Food Depository staff participated in today throughout Chicago–was that it was raining. It wasn’t some kind of magical rain or anything, but rather that we were out there, still providing food to those in need. Come rain, shine or snow, we have a mission and we’re going to achieve it.

If there’s one thing I took from today, it’s the outstanding commitment of everyone here at the Food Depository.

UPDATE: Here are a few more photos from other locations.

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