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52 Stories, 52 Weeks: Staying warm

At a recent trip to Elijah's Pantry, John received apples, potatoes, onions, plus meat, cereal and canned items.

John Palos lives on $1,075 per month.

That’s how much the 54-year-old from Logan Square receives from disability. Take out $600 for rent, and John has less than $500 to spend on groceries and other necessities for the month. John can’t afford to pay his gas bill, so to make ends meet, he asked the utility company to shut it off.

“I can only afford the electric bill,” he said. "I need money for food."

John heats his basement apartment with an electric heater because he can’t afford to pay for the gas furnace. He receives fresh fruit, vegetables, and a large bag of nonperishable items once a month at Elijah’s Pantry, a Greater Chicago Food Depository agency near his home.

“I wouldn’t be able to afford fruit and vegetables without this,” John said. “This makes my budget possible, especially in the winter.”

Before going on disability, John managed a restaurant. He’s beginning to look for a new job, but while he does, he’ll wait out the winter, knowing food is available when he needs it at Elijah’s Pantry.

“Bottom line, this helps me make it on a monthly basis, and I don’t know where I’d be without it. Probably cold, and hungry.”

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