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Benefits Access Network

Benefits are within reach!


Get Help Applying for SNAP/Link, Medicaid and Other Benefits

The Benefits Access Network is working to connect our Austin, Lawndale and Englewood neighbors with food and medical benefits like SNAP (Link) and Medicaid. Find out if you qualify. Assistance is free.

Need help accessing food and medical benefits? Reach out for a short, free, confidential interview. Simply fill out a short form and your nearest partner will get back to you.

People getting help

View our map to find your nearest Benefits Access Network partner in Austin, Lawndale or Englewood. Spanish speakers available at some locations.

How the Benefits Access Network Helps You and Your Family

Benefits Access Network partners can help:

  • Determine eligibility for food benefits (SNAP/Link Card) and/or health insurance (Medicaid)
  • Provide application support for first-time applicants
  • Recertify expiring food or health benefits
  • Refer you to resources on WIC, LIHEAP and EITC

Your health shouldn’t be on hold. Our partners can help you avoid delays so you and your family can receive benefits now.

Assistance is discreet. Our partners will help ensure you receive your eligible benefits confidentially and without burden.

You do not need a permanent address to apply for SNAP or Medicaid. Our partners will help ensure you receive your eligible benefits, regardless of your situation.


Contact any of these local partners for free assistance

Starred locations have a Spanish speaker available.

Austin neighborhood partners

  • Bethel New Life | 4950 W. Thomas, Chicago, IL 60651 | 312-618-0607 | Walk-ins accepted | Spanish speaker available
  • Circle Urban Ministries | 118 N. Central Ave., Chicago, IL 60644 | 773-921-1446 | By appointment only
  • Hope Community Church | 5900 W. Iowa St. | Chicago, IL 60651 | 773-921-2243 | By appointment only
  • Institute for Nonviolence Chicago | 819 N. Leamington Ave., Chicago, IL 60651 | 773-590-6295 | Walk-ins accepted

Lawndale neighborhood partners

  • Family Focus Lawndale | 3517 W. Arthington St., Chicago, IL 60623 | 773-569-5818 | By appointment only
  • I AM ABLE Center for Family, Inc. | 3410 W. Roosevelt, Chicago, IL 60624 | 773-447-3263 | Walk-ins accepted

Englewood neighborhood partners

  • Teamwork Englewood | 815 W. 63rd St., 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60621 | 773-488-6600 | Walk-ins accepted | Spanish speaker available
  • Family Focus Englewood | 6727 S. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60636 | 312-420-4763 | By appointment only | Spanish speaker available

Benefits Access Network Partners

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