A person selects food from boxes at a Healthy Student Market

The Need for Food Assistance in Cook County

Our Recent Studies
The Need for Nutritious Prepared Meals

In 2019, the Food Depository partnered with more than 20 community partners on a study about the need for prepared meals in our community. Older adults with low incomes and people with disabilities provided insight on their dietary needs and interest in prepared meals.

Many people who struggle with food insecurity also struggle to manage meal preparation. Special dietary and health concerns affect these populations.

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Food Insecurity Among Adults with Disabilities

Living with a disability is one of the strongest factors that affects a household’s food security. Low-income adults with disabilities face many obstacles to adequate nutrition. In 2017, the Greater Chicago Food Depository released a report on food insecurity among adults with disabilities in Cook County.

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Research & Policy Partnerships

The Food Depository partners with local and state government and organizations to research the impact of food insecurity in our community. These research and case studies help us to advocate for policy changes on the local, state and federal level. Learn more about our advocacy work.

  • The Food Depository partnered with the City of Chicago in 2018 on a roadmap to reduce food insecurity in our city. This roadmap builds on existing resources to increase access to nutritious food while exploring new solutions to reduce hunger and poverty. Read the full roadmap.
  • In 2015, we partnered with Cook County to create the Cook County Food Access Task Force. Compromised of representatives from Cook County agencies, the task force developed a set of recommendations addressing food insecurity among individuals involved in the justice system and their families.  Read the full report and recommendations.