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Hunger Walk: Step up your fundraising

 The 27th Annual Hunger Walk is less than four weeks away!
Saturday, June 23 at Soldier Field

If you haven't already -- sign up today!

Whether you are raising funds as part of an agency or as an individual, gearing up for this year's Hunger Walk can be fun and fulfilling at the same time.  Try some of the tips below to increase your donations and to get you closer to your fundraising goal!

1.  Download this poster and hang it up in your home, office, community center, cafe and laundromat. (en español)  

2. Use your participant center on the Hunger Walk website to update your profile and email your family and friends with our ready-made messages.

3.  Host a bake sale at your place of worship, school or on your block.

4.  Are you a student?  Submit information about the Hunger Walk to your school's publication and website.

5.  Ask your place of worship to include Hunger Walk information in their weekly bulletin.  This is also a great way to recruit team members!

Do it for Chicago!  See you on the start line Saturday, June 23 at Soldier Field.  For more information go to

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