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Farm Bill debate set to restart

If SNAP funding is cut, more individuals will be forced to turn to food assistance programs.
Starting October 30, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. from both the House of Representatives and the Senate will meet in a conference committee to construct a Farm Bill that can be agreed upon by both chambers. There is still much uncertainty surrounding the final makeup of the legislation. However, any proposal is likely to include cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Currently, the Senate’s version of the Farm Bill suggests $4.5 billion in SNAP cuts, while the House’s version includes $40 billion in cuts. The conference committee will be tasked with reconciling these two proposals. No specific timeline for a decision has been announced, but lawmakers are emphasizing passage of a bill before the next budget deadline. The Greater Chicago Food Depository opposes any cuts to SNAP, as it is clear that any cut to the program would create an increase in need across the country and would potentially erase the first line of defense against hunger for millions of men, women, and children.

As lawmakers debate the Farm Bill in conference committee, it is critical legislators know how devastating any cut to SNAP would be. The Food Depository regularly advocates for continued funding for federal nutrition safety net programs, and you can lift your voice and join us in this effort by contacting your lawmakers to tell them cuts to SNAP are unacceptable.

To learn more about the Food Depository’s advocacy efforts, and find ways to get involved, visit

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