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Chicago’s Food Bank: Programs and food to end hunger

We strive to end hunger by connecting our neighbors with healthy food and advancing solutions that address the root causes of hunger.

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Take action now to help end hunger across Chicago and Cook County. Every $1 you give today will help provide 6 meals for families facing hunger.

Greater Chicago Food Depository Programs

Find Food and Programs Throughout Chicago and Cook County

Explore our network of community-based partners and discover our programs to find support and resources that meet your needs.

1 in 5 Chicago Households are Experiencing Food Insecurity

Hunger is what you feel when you don’t have enough to eat. Food insecurity is the set of circumstances that prevent your access to food.

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77.3 M
meals provided last year — a 25% increase compared to pre-pandemic times
1.5 M
households served by our network of free grocery partners in 2021
public benefits applications submitted on behalf of our neighbors since 2020
$ 14 M
invested in our network of food pantry and program partners since 2020

Lifting the Voices of Our Neighbors and Their Stories

Hear from your community as we tell stories that inform, uplift and inspire.

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Take Action. Demand Change.

Lend a Hand to Your Neighbors

Hunger is a year-round problem that touches every community in Cook County, and every neighborhood in Chicago. Hundreds of thousands of people face hunger every year – yet even one is too many.

Get involved to give back to your community today and make a lasting difference.

Get Involved


Donate and make a critical impact in the work we do through a one-time gift, monthly donation, tribute gift, stock gift or more.


Explore our volunteer opportunities for individuals or groups and sign up to help at our facility or in the community.


Lift your voice to support our advocacy efforts that address the root causes of hunger.

Virtual food drive

Start a fundraiser with friends, family or coworkers and make an immediate difference in our community.

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Discover more about food insecurity and its impact on our community through research on hunger-related issues.


Join a Team Committed to Ending Hunger

When you join our team at the Food Depository, you’re joining a group of purpose-driven people who understand the impact nutritious food can have on a community. Explore open positions and learn how you can help change the lives of our neighbors facing food insecurity.

Since 1979

Ending Hunger in Our Community for Good

Hunger isn’t a logistics issue. It’s a justice issue.

For more than 40 years, we’ve helped provide for those in need. What we’ve learned is that as a community we have the resources to end hunger — but only if we take on hunger’s root causes.

That’s why we’re reimagining what it means to be Chicago’s Food Bank. We’re still here, helping supply and support local food pantries. Yet we’re also investing in the programs and services needed to lift our neighbors out of poverty and move forward into a secure and healthy future.

Our Story

Greater Chicago Food Depository: Together We Are Greater


Learn How Food Insecurity Affects Our Community

Read the latest news and updates on how we’re working to end hunger and its root causes.

Local Events Making An Impact for Our Chicago and Cook County Neighbors

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Advocate for Our Community and Help Families Facing Hunger

To end hunger for good, we need strong public policy. At the Greater Chicago Food Depository, we advocate for federal, state and local policies that protect our community from hunger and its root causes, like poverty and racial inequity.

Raise your voice with us and help advance solutions that promote equitable food access.

Learn more about our advocacy efforts


You Belong to Our Community

Whether you need help finding food today or are ready to lend help to someone else, we’re here to connect, help and inspire.

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