Thank you!

Thank you very much for hosting a successful food drive benefiting the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Because of people like you, we serve more than 678,000 men, women and children every year.

Once your drive is complete, the Food Depository will pick up your donation if you meet the minimum requirements below. If your collection does not meet the requirements, there are other options to get your donation to the Food Depository.

Minimum requirements for pickup


Step 1: Schedule a pickup
Please start by filling out our Pick up request form. Please note that you should only complete this form if your food drive has ended. The Food Depository cannot schedule pickups for current food drives. Once you complete the request form, our transportation team will add you to the pickup schedule within 5 business days.


If you do not meet the minimum requirements for pickup

Step 1: Fill out our food drive donation receipt
In order for us to be able to formally congratulate you on your food drive efforts and send you a donation acknowledgement letter, we will need you to first complete our food drive donation receipt.

Step 2: Deliver your donations
Once you have filled out the food drive donation receipt, you have several options to where you can deliver your donations:

OPTION 1 – Deliver to the Food Depository
If you have not met the minimum requirements for a pickup, or you are unable to hold the donations until we are able to pick up, you are welcome to drop off your donations at the Food Depository between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Directions to the Food Depository

OPTION 2 – Deliver to a public drop off location
Thanks to our generous partners, we have designated public drop off locations throughout the city of Chicago.  Please note that our public drop off locations vary by the time of year, so please check the map for the most current list of public drop off locations and their hours. Details can be found at

OPTION 3 – Deliver to a member food pantry
If the Food Depository and/or public drop off locations are not conveniently located for you, you are welcome to deliver your donations directly to one of our member agencies.  Please note that their hours of operation are often variable, so we advise that you call before you go and verify the time of delivery. Agency Locator